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  • The Inevitable Questions

    September 25, 2017
    Children are full of questions from the moment they can utter sound. From the pointed grunts to the full sentences, the inquisitive minds of the young never cease to quiet. Why is the sky blue? When is dinner? Can I have a snack? Are we there yet?? The questioning seems to go on and on.
  • As an adoptive parent, I have heard so many unintentionally ignorant things. I am sure that, given some extra thought and care, many of the questions that have come off of people’s lips would have been rephrased if given the chance. I understand that not everyone adopts or has a heart to adopt so there will be questions. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the questions. I love sharing our adoption story. 
  • Parenting is a difficult yet rewarding venture. There are days when I would prefer to lock myself in a room far away from reality just to be alone with no responsibilities. There are also many other days when I celebrate the pure joy it is to have a daughter in our home. Most days, I feel nearer to the middle of that spectrum.
  • I am an adoptive mom. I love that God chose this role for me. He allowed me to struggle and strive for years while we fought an unsuccessful battle with infertility all because He had this blessing planned for us. Ten years ago this fall, a teeny, tiny baby girl was placed in my arms and an invisible card with my new title – Mom – was issued. After years of it being my sole desire, my dreams had come to fruition and I was finally a mom!